Phone Lines


We provide business calls and lines packages that are tailored to meet the specific communications requirements of your business.In the majority of cases we arrange for phone lines to be installed cheaper than going direct to BT.

In addition to this our customers benefit from on-going cheaper line rental and call charges.Whether you need us to arrange the installation of new lines or want to transfer your existing services.Telexchange makes everything quick and easy with no disruption to your business operations.


We are able to source the following lines subject to local BT exchange availability:

Rental at only £5.00

We are offering all new customers business line rental at only £5.00 per month saving you up to an incredible £100 when compared with BT or other similar companies.

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Phone Calls:


Our calls packages are designed to provide customers with great savings. We also guarantee that our prices cannot be beaten.Our low prices do not equate to low quality service. We provide competitive rates for the numbers you ring the most.

We help you increase your visibility of call costs and provide you with clear, easy to understand billing as this lets you see exactly where you are spending your money on calls and puts you in charge of how you plan your staff’s use of your phone system.

We are able to source the following Call Packages:

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Phone Numbers:


Right telephone number can have a huge impact on your business. It gives your business an instant national presence, creating the impression that your company is a UK-wide concern which, in turns, creates credibility.

At Telexchange, we provide:

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